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Kansas City Web Design

The Most Pervasive Problems in Kansas City Web Design

The pages our website so we’re starting fresh in blank so that we can add your own content let’s go ahead and add all of our pages by clicking on the plus icons and clicking on page and naming it to whatever we want we’re going to call this one what.

Kansas City Web Design

we do press ENTER click plus icon again click page and this one is going to be called projects press enter click the Kansas City Web Design plus icon click page again this one’s going to be called partner and you can see.

It adds it up the navigation on the top right clicks plus icon click page this one going to be called contact for our Kansas City Web Design contact form click the plus icon click on page this one’s going to be called reamed click the plus icon click pace we’re going to call this take action click the plus icon then click pace.

Get Better Kansas City Web Design Results By Following 3 Simple Steps

we’re going to call this home alternative so it’s a different homepage now we can click the plus icon Kansas City Web Design again and press blog and this is where blogging is going to be so we can just pet News or blog or whatever you want to be called then go back to pages and now we’re going to add a new folder so this is like sub navigation so click.

The plus icon and click folder once we do that let’s name this about and now we can put pages inside of this so Kansas City Web Design let’s go ahead and drag what we do just click hold and drag into the about folder and now.

We can see on the left side where it says about it says what we WikiHub do so drag projects also and now we can see projects under about and partners and contact so now we have all those page and are under our about folder.